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Serial killer

Not Just at the USA, it happens (dramatically), even at calm Sweden. One anonymous person, suddenly, stands up during a movie session and shoots persons with a machine gun. It can happens, literally, at anyone place, even at your neighborhood.

Daily, we are pushed from side to side, by debts, noise, fights; home, working, traffic pressions. People’ living over a powder keg and it needs Just a little spark to blow them up, with unexpected consequences.

An element, most quiet and unexpressive, is exactly the one can be turned on the worst monster. Imagine all the persons whose lives beside of you daily, at your hood, public transportations, working place; which of them can stands up YET TODAY and, from nothing, press up the Armageddon button?

Nobody knows, exactly. Because of it, we have the obligation to be concerned with our society, even for a question of surviving. Is not poetic, to see persons drinking lots of alcoholic beverages, that is immoral, because this drunk driver can decide today as the last day of my life, and it, really, ups to me!

Can be a sabotage or a big act of madness, the matter is: when you encourage your friends to adopt an stray animal, you will be, even you do not know, helping a person whose is accumulating sadness and depression, without say a word about its imminent explosion of fury.

Persons spent out the days pretending all is right, its silence does not tell how deep the situation is. Arrives home alone, does not have social contacts, there is not only a form of life, not even a plant vase to give a glass of water and rise up. You can realize the difference for these lonely persons, if they have a pet in their lives.

Walking with a dog is a good way to find other dog owners, as a visit to the pet shop, also. Meeting other persons and animals, stress Will decreasing down and, by the way, the simple fact to have an iced nose and a tail shaking, is the best welcome committee you can have, after a hard day. Even for egotism, be altruistic and encourage your friends to adopt a paw friend!