TrabalhadoresWe developed specific conferences for in-company presentation, of general interest. They deal with two aspects, not yet explored by other conferencists, showing how the human being can benefit by learning to have a peaceful coexistence with animals.

One topic is of interest to all workers who visit clients in the field, as mailmen, salesmen, technicians electric utilities, water, gas, telephony, and others who come, not only in the homes of clients, but also, homes of the ANIMALS of the customers and often through ignorance of animal behavior, suffer severe accidents, with bites and scratches, making them spend long days away from work, with physical pain and material damage.

Another topic of general interest, shows how any business can improve their performance and productivity, through living with pets. The benefits range from the control of hypertension, depression and diabetes, prevention of heart attacks and other conditions arising in the tension of everyday life.

Mental health 1