We are a multidisciplinary group of volunteers and aim to serve as the interface between people and animals, showing the benefits of peaceful coexistence between races, improving the health and quality of life of both, practicing charity, to lift millions of animals from the streets, giving them a dignified life and generating employment and income.

Erasmo de Oliveira 2005ERASMO DE OLIVEIRA
Communications Coordinator – STRAY-LIFE Project, Journalist, was columnist for magazines such AutoEsporte, polyglot is also formed in Tourism and author of fourteen books, registered at the Brazilian National Library. His bestseller is a book about Automotive Design, published in 1989, which earned him more than three thousand students, in addition to your personal statement as official representative of “The Earth Day” held by Stanford University (California, USA) in 1990.


Isabel - estúdioISABEL DE OLIVEIRA
Pedagogical Coordinator of the STRAY-LIFE Project, Educator (graduated in 1994 by São Marcos University) and postgraduate in 2005 by Castello Branco University, as Psychopedagogist. Literacy education to more than two thousand students from pre-school to seniors through projects sponsored by the Diocese of Santo Amaro and implemented the project “Adoption and Responsible Ownership “, in the State School Alfredo Bresser, with practical results as many adopted animals and reduce violence among students.


Scientific Coordinator of the STRAY-LIFE Project. Specialist in Behavioral Medicine by State University UNIFESP, author of nine published books in the field of study of disorders of learning and behavior, global forerunner of multitherapy, plus there proposed for more than two decades the concept of ACQUIRED DYSLEXIA, now widely proven in the literature scientific world. (Lattes Curriculum)