september elevenThe house (or the address) of God

The September eleven changed the world, to remind us that no human tower can be greater than the destiny that God has given us in our stay in this great penal colony that is Planet Earth. Each of us has a particular 9/11, which comes suddenly, reaches the nerve of the tooth and gives us a curt message: change everything, reorganize, discover new potential in yourself. All his plans, which seemed perfect, need to be rethought the box touch. and don’t try to deceive, for no human being or human organization is immune to it.

My change came on September 9, 1986; I began my career as a professional singer and suffered a traffic accident. A truck smashed my car, injured my cervical spine and simply cut my throat. Three years were on the verge of quadriplegia and, against to nineteen doctors bets, I recovered completely, without using this rebirth as a political platform or source of income. I saved the world from having to listen to another speaker, trying to convince us that the blame for our failures is all ours. The world is dying, proving that there is a whole larger context behind the constant waves of global crises and conflicts.

During the time that I suffered on a bed, mute and only moving my eyes, I was rediscovering new energies within myself and confirmed, once and for all, the true temple of God is our own mind and that He lives within ourselves! Each individual should seek their own truth and is available to anyone talk to God without intermediaries, it’s just take down the twin towers of pride and sloth, He will show you that we are all born with a very great purpose, which greatly extends beyond material possessions, fame, physical beauty and any similar illusion, which prevents us from knowing the happiness of being simple as the animals are!